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Tibor Szabo is a Hungarian born photographer/filmmaker living in San Francisco.

Mr. Szabo is most known for his work of Ballerinas.

His work is uniquely San Francisco with a great influence of his Hungarian/ European heritage.


"Fort Pointe" a series of photographs of ballerinas taken at the historic Fort Point military base.

The building is directly under the Golden Gate bridge. Its purpose was to prevent military ships from entering the Bay of San Francisco.

Not a single cannon shot was ever fired and now it's a tourist attraction.

Mr Szabo uses the cinematic brick military building as a theatrical backdrop for his spectacular ballet dancer models.

"The Fairies and Monsters of Sutro Baths"

This surreal fairy tale was shot at Sutro Baths which is now in ruins due to arson. The artist uses the set to bring to life an abstract version of Oscar Wilde's children's story The Selfish Giant. The actors are belly dancers and  the role of the giant is brought to life by Arno Thovaldsson.

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